Cash Savings

K7 Real Estate Group’s unique opportunities allow investors to grow their 401k and achieve sustainable double digit returns. Multifamily investments are an optimal method of generating and retaining retirement savings.

Investment Options

Equity Investments

As an equity investor, you become a direct owner in our carefully selected multifamily properties. By pooling funds with other investors, you gain access to larger and more lucrative investment opportunities that would be challenging to achieve individually. As the property appreciates in value and generates tax efficient returns, you benefit from both cash flow and capital appreciation.


We also offer investment opportunities through syndication through our preferred capital partners, where you can participate as a limited partner. In this structure, we act as the general partner and manage the day-to-day operations, while you enjoy the benefits of passive income and potential tax advantages. Syndication through preferred partners allows you to invest across properties with different risk profiles and investment horizons.

Growth and Income Funds

For investors seeking broader exposure to multifamily real estate, we offer growth and income funds. These funds provide diversification across multiple properties and markets, targeting a combination of stable income and long-term appreciation. Our funds are managed by a team of experts who diligently select, acquire, and manage a portfolio of properties to optimize returns for our investors.

Why Multifamily Real Estate?

The multifamily real estate market has demonstrated resilience, even during economic downturns. The demand for rental housing remains strong, driven by demographic shifts, lifestyle preferences, and affordability considerations. As populations grow and urbanization continues, multifamily properties offer a reliable investment opportunity.

Multifamily properties provide a consistent income stream through rental payments, offering attractive cash-on-cash returns. Additionally, well-selected properties in high-growth markets have the potential for substantial appreciation over the long term. By investing in multifamily real estate, you can benefit from both regular income and capital appreciation.

Real estate has historically served as an effective hedge against inflation. As living costs rise, rental income tends to increase, helping preserve the value of your investment. Multifamily properties, in particular, tend to be less impacted by inflation compared to other asset classes, making them a reliable option for wealth preservation.

Real estate investments offer various tax benefits, including depreciation deductions, mortgage interest deductions, and the potential for 1031 exchanges. These tax advantages can enhance the overall return on investment and improve cash flow.

Investment Options:

Why Multifamily Real Estate?